Living in fear of what tomorrow may bring…

India’s war with terrorism is not new. But the recent spat of incidents of terrorism, intimidation and violence has made it so uncomfortingly commonplace that we find ourselves living in fear of what tomorrow may bring.

Ahmedabad, Banglore, Surat , Jaipur, Delhi, Malegaon, Agartala …….Not a week passes without the news of death and devastation reaching us from one city or another. Low intensity bombs placed in crowded markets, killing and maiming unsuspecting shoppers, unmindful of their caste creed or religion……. And then fiery and bloody images at the scene of explosions…survivors being rushed to hospital…..relatives and friends anxiously trying to obtain information about their loved ones……Fear has become a nauseatingly constant companion. When is it going to end? Or maybe, even more pertinent question at this point would be…Why is this happening?

The Indian Mujahideen, regarded by security agencies as a front of the Lashkar-Huji, has claimed responsibility for the blasts. This group had sent emails before the UP, the Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Delhi blasts.The email, titled “the Message of Death”, said: “In the name of Allah, Indian Mujahideen strikes back once more. … Do whatever you can. Stop us if you can.”

It’s hard to believe that any ‘God’ would – or even could – relay this message to humanity. War, especially those acts that kill innocent people, cannot possibly be undertaken with God’s consent or to win his favour. How can we- in the name of God- kill His children, His creation? Could you possibly kill your sibling and claim you did it for your parent’s sake? Or you did it in order to win your parent’s appreciation? Even if your sibling has annoyed your parents so much that they find it difficult to forgive them, your parent’s won’t want you to murder your sibling, would they?

The terrorists are using God’s name in order to shroud their violence in the cloak of religion and piety……such crimes against humanity in the holy month of Ramzan …says a lot about these terrorists. Obviously, terrorism is their only religion.

Those who engage in these acts of terrorism claim that they are fighting a holy war, ‘a Jihad’. However, the term “holy war” is a paradoxical fallacy. That which is holy is peaceful, loving, pious and compassionate. War, by its very definition, is none of these.Human life is sacred. However, there are destructive worldviews that fuel the insanity of terrorist and fundamentalist groups alike

Of course, terrorists are a little minority, but they are causing enough damage to the nation by worsening the existing fracture between the Hindus and Muslims. These are acts of people who are trained to think along the philosophy of “us verses them” These veils of ignorance and illusion need to be done away with. The solution can only come by breaking the borders and boundaries of caste creed and religion.

Let’s spread the message of Vasudeva Kutumbakam (the whole world is one family) ,This is the time for the peace loving Indians to speak out. Let us not encourage violence against fellow human beings in any form. Let us not justify it because of politcal or religous agendas. As a nation we need to stand together and say no to violence. We must continue to pray

“Sarve bhavantu sukhinah, sarve bhavantu niramayah,
Sarve bhadrani pashyantu ma kashchid dhukhbhagbhavet,”

(May all beings be happy, may all beings be healthy.
May all see the divinity in everything. May there be no unhappiness or sorrow.)

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