IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM (a four chapter series) By Shreeya



Humans continued their progress in the field of science & technology.     They were still criticized by each  and every object in the solar system. As Ihave told you that Jupiter had a hope that   humans will realize their mistake &  improve theirselves, so he never criticized the humans.

The solar system was unaware of what these scientists were planing to do to their most dearest friend and the last planet, Pluto.

 Scientists observed that Pluto was much too small to be classified as a planet!!

On the Earth  the scientists were trapped in a big web . they could not decide what to do about Pluto.  

In the solar system, a river of bad words against the humans was flowing continuously. The humans never got any knowledge of all this.

   The clever Sun had appointed a cloud to give them the information of what all was happening onthe Earth.   Once the cloud messenger who was very worried came to him. Seeing how worried he was Sun asked,” Dear cloud, what has happened ? Why are you so much worried ? What is happening on the Earth? Is every thing alright ?’

” No …….no your majesty,…….. the humans ……have made an announcement……… that ……….. that…..our pluto………………… no longer a………..a………. planet!!” The cloud said in tears. 😦   😦  😦

The solar system went so dumbfounded as a statue . Just then cries from Jupiter were heard,”I am really sorry friends, that I said that humans are good. I was wrong They are the worse than the worst……….”    

Poor Pluto was as quite as if he was dead!!!!!

  Well, god knows what all pains & sufferings Pluto  was going through at that moment. 😦  😦  😦  😦


About Shreeya

I am Shreeya. When I am not stressing about college, I like to read books and (try to) blog about them. I love mysteries, historical fictions and sci-fis, and I have recently started reading more non-fictions and popular science. But really, I'll read anything that catches my eye. I am down to read anything and everything.
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2 Responses to IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM (a four chapter series) By Shreeya

  1. sangeeta says:

    Poor pluto !!
    Tell him not to worry , a status of a star or a planet has nothing to do with your existence …you are what you are , if not a planet you can be a star…… happy with it….will ya tell this to pluto??

    I am worried to know what that cloud messenger told the sun…we humans are not that bad !!

  2. Shreeya says:

    Yes, aunty, I will tell Pluto what you have told me. And I will also tell him that he will be called a dwarf planet.
    The cloud messenger told the sun……. that humans have decided that Pluto will not be called a planet because it is very-very small and Pluto & his friends thought that humans will not include pluto in the solar system.
    But then they came to know that he will not be called a planet but a dawrf planet & will be included in the solar system!!!!!

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