FREEDOM?……… An extract from ” Life of Pi” by Yann martel

In the book “Life of Pi” written by Yann Martel, I came across this passage. And I want to share it with you all. 
“Well meaning but misinfromed people think animal in the wild are “happy” because they are “free”. These people usually have a large, handsome predator in mind, a lion or a cheetah( the life of a gnu or of an aardvark is rarely exalted) They imagine this wild animal roaming about the savannah on digestive walks after eating a prey that accepted his lot piously, or going on the callisthenic runs to stay slim after overindulging. They imagine this animal overseeing its offsprings proudly and tenderly, the whole family watching the setting of the sun from the limbs of trees with sighs of pleasure. The life of the wild animal is simple, noble and meaningful. they imagine. Then it is captured by the wicked men and thrown into tiny jails. its happiness is dashed. It yearns mightily for “Freedom” and does all it can to escape. Being denied its freedom for too long, the animal becomes a shadow of itself, its spirit broken. So some people imagine This is not the way it is. Animals in the wild lead lives of compulsion and necessity within an unforgiving social heirarchy in an environment where the supply of fear is high and the supply of food is lowand where territory must constantly be defended and parasites forevr endured. What is the meaning of freedom in such a context. animals in the wild are, in practice, are free neither in time nor in space and nor in personal relations. In theory-that is, as a simple physical possibility- an animal could pick up and go, flaunting all the social conventions and boundaries proper to its species. (But it doesn’t)………

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10 Responses to FREEDOM?……… An extract from ” Life of Pi” by Yann martel

  1. From an animal’s point of view, living in their maybe highly-pressurized social hierarchy is happier than living in a cage with a different species. We need to imagine living in a cage with some other species overpowering us.

    A very interesting post indeed Amrita!

    The Day

  2. Lea says:

    Thanks! This will be my next book to read.

  3. sangeeta says:

    an animal could pick up and go, flaunting all the social conventions and boundaries proper to its species. (But it doesn’t)………

    this is where the freedom ceases to exist…they have the limitations of time space and personal relations too ( most of the times)….they are just physically free from being confined into a cage when they are into the jungle…..they are not free to choose , to love , to be friends with someone …even to appreciate nature ( watching sunset together as family as we think might just be an exercise to get some rays of sun to make the bones stronger)…..

    Ironically , we civilized humans may be free in all those senses , equipped with a wonderful brain the man should have been the most successful species to enjoy freedom…
    though we have managed to enjoy freedom in terms of safety , security , food supply …all the physical aspects……..but we are far from being free from the scheming conspiracies of our own mind….animals are lucky in that sense you know….
    what say ???

    • Amrita says:

      I guess you are right. The “conspiracies of our own mind” shackle us the way no other limitation ever could. And this shackle is so difficult to break….infact a majority of people don’t even realise that it is their own mind has them ensnared.

  4. Sunitha says:

    Wow you have covered the book well..thanks for sharing.

  5. Zoya says:

    You’ve hit the crux of the story for sure 🙂 And all those quotes so hold true…some of them apply to our daily lives too.

  6. bet365 says:

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