Heart Pillow

 Heartfelt Valentine wishes!!! 

So what if they are a bit belated! 😀 😀 😀 



Vintage pattern Heart Pillow

Click here for pattern 

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8 Responses to Heart Pillow

  1. Zoya says:

    hey this pattern is so nice! So you do crotchet too 🙂

  2. spice says:

    very nice work…..at this point I’m only bookmarking all the projects…..hopefully will make someday….

  3. ushnish says:

    Dear Amrita
    Your comment at my pick pocket is the best I have received. WHile exploring this page I came accross the prime No and life quote, so amazing…more I am thinking more I am getting into it. ha ha
    Need to post some thing for you at Himalaya and truth and imagination.
    Well crocheting work , the vintage heart looks good..I will show all your work to someone when I am back.
    Let me go and enjoy the latest post
    Have a nice sunday.

    • Amrita says:

      Cooking, Himalayas and humour….each of these things are quite close to my heart. Looking forward to your post on each of your blogs, Ushnishji.

      It would certainly be a good idea to divert your creativity towards your other two blogs, now that you are unable to post on your cooking blog.

      Thanks for the appreciation and encouragement…I hope “someone” likes my blog as well 🙂

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