Fashion, they say, is a matter of taste

And to remove even the last shred of doubts in your mind regardng this statement,take a look at the following photographs  😀 😀 😀

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4 Responses to Fashion, they say, is a matter of taste

  1. ushnish ghosh says:

    Dear Amrita
    How are you? Reading your comment on my blog is a treat….I like your acute sense of humor.
    I dont get any intimation of your blog hence cant visit ..
    I do agree with your statement on fashion…my brother’s daughter is a fashion designer,,,,she also says so…
    spent 3 months in fashion capital of the world , Milano…you bet it is !!!!
    I shall show all your work to someone she will appreciate
    have a nice week

    • Amrita says:

      Thanks a lot for the compliment, Ushnishji. I read the non-veg recepies on your blog also, although they are of no use to me, just because I don’t want to miss your humourous anecdotes that always preceed your recepies.

      This is really too bad that you are not updated about my blog posts. maybe the hitch is due to the fact that my blog is on wordpress and yours is on blogspot. Since others haven’t reported any problem regarding this, I assume that a blogger on blogspot can follow a wordpress blog as well. I will find out how this is done and then let you know.

      Hope you enjoyed your Milano sojourn and Roman holiday 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and for all the encouraging words.

  2. sangeeta says:

    ha ha….
    bacon n spaghetti were never so tempting for me……….
    berries have always been n here you have bags full of them…….

    new header looks great .

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