I have been more absent than present online during the past month, and this has not been without reason. I am going to put the blame squarely on the summer vacations. 👿 👿

Summer vacations mean that my daughter is at home all day long 🙂 🙂 🙂
Now this would ideally have meant peachy delicious mom-daughter time together!! But for the HOLIDAY HOMEWORK!!!…And there is loads of it!!…seriously.  😦

THIS little girl is certainly not Shreeya 🙂

And just my luck to have a daughter who REALLY loves doing all this project work, scrapbooking , collage-making and every thing that she is supposed to do as part of her holiday assignment. Can you believe it that as soon as the vacations start she is visibly excited about the assignments that she will be required to do!!! ❗ When the vacations started, it took me a day or two to download her Holiday assignment from her school website as there was a glitch in the network….and you should have seen her restlessness at the delay in getting started!!…LOL The reason for this “peculiar” behaviour is not hard to fathom… ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is welcome if it keeps the textbook away from her…..even if it is HOMEWORK!!! 🙂

Oh Please!!!…can’t you see that she is “busy”???? There really is no time to “study”!!

So just put away those boring text books and DO NOT under any circumstances bring them out before the vacations are over. There WILL be ample time to “study” later once the school start. 🙂 🙂 Right now these assignments are URGENT… And they ARE related to the school curriculum. so I can’t  really see just WHY are you complaining!!??….  😉

Jokes apart, this excitement is good for starters and actually contagious. But herein comes my role to make sure that this enthusiasm does not get dampened. So while she is doing her work, I am busy facilitating by providing her with the requisite material, assisting in the online searches, droping an occassional idea or two, monitoring her progress…. more or less acting as her secretary!! 🙂 And no doubt I am thoroughly enjoying this. What better way can there be for spending “Quality Time” with one’s child than this??? In my opinion, this wins hands down against a visit to the Mall or a restrauant or a movie. I don’t say that these activities are devoid of anything positive. But trust me … Holiday homework serves as a common goal to us which we are working  as a team to acheive…assisting, complementing and creating together.

Take my word for it its hugely satisfying , both to me as a parent and to my daughter as a student. 

I think there must be some periods of “sitting around and doing nothing”, let us have so a necessary break in our everyday routine. Some enjoyment and relaxation might bring far more good both to teachers and their students than steady and persistant studying

Of course  it is the school that has laid down the task for the student but this is relatively free from the structured classroom teaching that is the usual staple in our school.  Since the Assignments are basically optional, and even for the student who chooses to do them there is a wide variety of topics and mediums to choose from. Although, this will eventually be evaluated by the school teachers only, still the children work away from the stern monitoring by the teachers, there is definitely an immense opportunity for creative expression here. 

I am fully aware that there are lots of drawbacks in this system and the biggest challange that the educationists face is to cater to the needs of ALL the students.  One size CANNOT possibly fit all. What works for me and my daughter might not work for you or the next person. At the present moment, it is giving a lot of positive to my daughter as a student as well as a person.  The entire process of searching for information, compiling it together and then presenting it in an aestheticlly pleasing way…all  this adds up to give her the  satisfaction of a job well done and THIS boost self confidence like nothing else.

But now a disclaimer:

On reading this “Ode to the Holiday Homework”, please do not assume that Homework is the ONLY thing that is keeping us busy these days. We are doing a whole lot of fun stuff as well which include amongst other things hugely memorable weel long trip to Nainital 🙂 🙂

I COULD have written in detail about this trip. But this will have to wait   😦

No….. NOT because we have to finish that darned homework!!!

But because we HAVE already finished it and now we are enjoying the”sitting around and doing nothing” time. 🙂

So hurray!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

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  1. Joe Zachs says:

    That outsourcing idea is good.

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