When two worlds drift apart….

They have mutually agreed to part ways.

I always thought they were compatible and whats more, I had expected them to compliment each other. Sadly, this did not happen. And now I find that their constant conflict is weighing ME down because both are accusing me of acting favourite and despite my best efforts to be impartial and do justice to them both, I find that they are both feeling short-changed!! I found that it is virtually impossible for me to effect a reconciliation between the two.

So when my “Crafting” announced that she is moving out of this blog, to a new address http://craftingdelight.wordpress.com/, my “Writing” did not make any attempt to stop her. Even I felt that I must let her go out of the shadow of my “Writing” and try and find her own place under the Sun.

So from now on, this blog “A Housewife’s Chronicles” will be dedicated to writing and you will find my creations in crochet, knitting, embroidery etc  at “Crafting Delight” 😀 😀

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One Response to When two worlds drift apart….

  1. sangeeta says:

    AAh great…this pic is a masterpiece ..
    will check out the new blog and your writings in detail…very very soon.
    i am missing all of this.

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