Hello! friends nice to meet you again. I hope you all went to the enchanted woods and met the CROCOION. Well, today we will meet an another amazing animal.

I crossed a really amazing animal. And really I was so much amazed to see this animal that I gave it a very funny name – ‘SNAKEY’.

I named it snakey as this animal had a monkey’s face and ears, but it has got a snake’s tongue. The body also looks like a snake, with a long tail and no legs.

Snakeys are very silly animals and they like squeezing bananas with their bodies and eat it later.

When I met this animal he said to me, “Ym eman si………………llew I t’nod wonk od ouy?”

He had ment to say that,” My name is…………….well I don’t know do you?” 

Isn’t he funny and silly???????


The body and tail of a snake                                                                                face and ears of a monkey                                                                                             a SNAKEY!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. give me a lot and lot and lots of comments on this post………….. PLEASE   Clipart Illustration of a Yellow Emoticon Face With A Sad Frown And A Text Bubble With Dots  

About Shreeya

I am Shreeya. When I am not stressing about college, I like to read books and (try to) blog about them. I love mysteries, historical fictions and sci-fis, and I have recently started reading more non-fictions and popular science. But really, I'll read anything that catches my eye. I am down to read anything and everything.
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  1. Very interesting post. I am yet to meet a snakey. Thanks.

  2. sangeeta says:

    This snakey should be cute as i can imagine…
    what is this with an angry face with three dots as a thought .. lols…

    I am wondering what these animals are doing in the E woodland………snakey eats mangoes , apples or insects and mice?????

    • Shreeya says:

      You’re right aunty, snakeys are cute animals. Snakeys eat frogs, mangoes, bananas etc.
      really thank you for your comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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