Let’s live life…Childlike!!

“All Children, except one, grow up.”

And that,of course, would be Peter Pan. As for the rest of us, the ever-increasing intrusions of the world on our minds seem to frighten that little child inside us into full-blown retreat.

As we progressed up the ladder of maturity most of us lose what I feel is a very important concept: the ability to retain and possess a childlike quality to explore other possibilities. We lose the curiosity and wonder about the world that leads us to ask those crucial questions, “Why?” and “Why Not?” Our pure and trusting imagination is martyred to adulthood which forces us to stop asking those wonderfully creative questions.

Unfortunately, our creativity is not the only thing we sacrifice at the alter of adulthood. Most of us have forsaken wondrous childlike qualities like unconditional love, trust, playfulness and simplicity and What have we acquired instead? Fear, mistrust, prejudice, doubt and selfishness! Quite a costly tradeoff, I must say!!

But “Child-LIKE” is not to be confused with “Child-ISH”. Although I love children dearly, I am not exactly blind to the fact that they can be really trying at times. In her angelic avatar, a child can be artistic and innovative, genuine and transparent. But the same child can also also transform into a rowdy madcap throwing tantrums, being unreasonable, sulking. Children sometimes whine, say rude things, and avoid responsibility.

David B. Bohl says,” The three things I think of as being very childish are whining, holding a grudge, and blaming. By whining, I mean complaining about something without making any effort to do anything about it. Just complaining for the sake of complaining. Holding a grudge is obviously staying mad at someone, long after a reasonable person would have let it go already, and blaming is refusing to take responsibility for your own part in a problem, and insisting that everything must be the other guy’s fault. Sometimes it is, but very rarely.

Those behaviours are childish, but they’re easy to fall into because they’re comfortable. They’re easier than recognizing and taking responsibility for our part in whatever’s happening.

And I admit I can be very childish. But I prefer myself when I’m being childlike. I define this as having fun, expressing wonder at the world, and taking every opportunity to experience something new. Young children have a refreshing honesty about them, and they divert their energy to new things that excite them. To be more creative, you need to recapture some of the behaviour of your childhood. We need to remember how solving problems is about creativity and how creativity is driven by your ability to imagine new ideas

Parents are forever trying to become “role-models” for there children. Today, I want to ask – WHY can’t children be the role models for their parents and teach them to be innocent, creative, pure, playful, pristine and joyous once again. And, surprisingly, my answer is “Why not!!??”

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6 Responses to Let’s live life…Childlike!!

  1. Anil says:

    Sometimes an overdose of ‘rationality’ detracts from the ability to be ‘irrational’ as in gullibility, that sense of wonder without instead searching for if it is ‘rational’.

    To be thrilled by little things requires the person not to take them for granted. There was a time when even something as simple as a new notebook would change the mood, a certain happiness associated with writing on a fresh page.

    • Amrita says:

      🙂 That sense of wonder….It is so precious, isn’t it?
      I don’t think that it is impossble to recapture if we want to, we can surely revive this ability to be happy over something as simple as a notebook and relive the joy of writing on a new page 🙂

  2. Sunitha says:

    Leave your childish ways behind.’ ‘Come to me like children’ are two, though not exact, quotes from the bible. It is indeed an interesting phenomenon how we have to put aside childish ways like the one you talk here about whining, tantrums etc. Yet, the quality of wonder and purity of heart is what we should be aiming at. Quite a topic to ponder.

  3. sangeeta says:

    Young children have a refreshing honesty about them, and they divert their energy to new things that excite them.

    This is something i like most in children , but at the rate we see children ‘growing up’ fast it’s no wonder where we end up .
    I always want to oppose the common thinking that we bear children for progeny …. for me a child shows us the mirror , pulls us back to reality , fills us up with an incredible energy , finding happiness and contentment in simpler things ….

    • Amrita says:

      This is true. Children are always in a hurry to “grow-up”. And once they grow up only then they realise that the childhood was much better and preferable. We cannot turn back time and become children again . But we can surely recognise and re-learn the joygiving traits of childhood.

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