Waiting for Spring


Leafless…Not lifeless


In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.~Albert Camus 

I have inexplicably been fascinated by this photo which was clicked by my husband somewhere in Sweden last year. I wanted to click a photograph of a verdant tree in all its glorious foliage when Sangeeta prompted me to post something for the THURSDAY CHALLANGE. I even had the most picturesque candidate right outside my house. A grand old Banyan tree complete with its ariel roots which the neighbourhood kids use to swing on gleefully, much to the horror of us elders who are forever haunted by vision of a kid slipping off the “swing” and hurting herself. Even now, as i think of that large tree I visualise myself lying under its large canopy, eyes closed and feeling a sense of contentment as I feel protected by nature herself.

 But I found myself drawn to this picture again and again. Ofcourse the facsination can be explained by the fact that having spent my entire life in the Gangetic plains of India, snowy winters are unknown to me. And as I looked at this picture, I could not help but imagine what this little cluster of trees looked like before the harsh winter set in and forced the trees to shed their leaves. I also try and see how , at the onset of spring when the snow thaws and favourable conditions for growth return, these trees will slowly spring back to life…one leaf at a time…and before long the entire cluster will be dressed with luxurious green and these skeletal days will be long forgotton 🙂  I smile at the vision 🙂

 But until then, the tree preserves its enery and just concentrates on the task of preserving the life force within. And all of us know that it will bounce back….and soon. All it has to do is to hold on until spring comes along. It is definitely not going to be easy, holding on in such cruel environs… but thats what it has resolved to do at this moment. 

Can we draw the conclusion here  that it is perfectly natural to adapt?!!

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6 Responses to Waiting for Spring

  1. sangeeta says:

    I smile at the vision too 🙂

    I could almost feel the cool comfort of your Banyan tree when you introduced him to us
    (I have already met this Banyan) , a picture of this banyan was what i demand even now.

    About these winter stressed trees , I liked the metaphoric way you said … nature is the best teacher i believe.

  2. Ushnish Ghosh says:

    Dear Amrita
    Each post of yours comes like a treat..I enjoyed reading it time and again…
    Your last line is very nice….it is not our conclusion…the God has concluded long back on this …He made Human beings to adapt to all situations ..no other living beings can adapt …a cow will die but wont adapt to eat chicken . Lord Shiva roamed the Brahmanda with the dead body of Sati on His shoulder …but finally He accepted the reality and His responsibility towards the world. It is the blessing of God, that we can adapt to all situations….
    Hey…sounds pretty serious…and philosophical. It is not at all like that
    My brother was in Philadelphia for 4 years..and he shot 4 seasons from a particular place, even the camera was at the same point. You can feel how it looks as the season changes…unfortunately all his shots are in film slides and we still do enjoy the slide show, But seeing that , it gives a feeling about the truth , the whole world changes but we adapt, and thats why we survive and enjoy life…The photo shut by your hubby is awesome …it may be depressing for a moment ….but tell him to go there in summer and take the same shot…I am sure I will long to see the trees in winter, fall or spring too.
    Have a nice day

  3. Very pretty picture indeed!

  4. Wow, loved the words that gave ‘life’ to this picture.

  5. sangeeta says:

    Loved what Ushnish said… He always brings new perspectives…

    One more thing i want to add…all living beings adapt , even the cow has adapted and has started eating plastic bags:) …. ( pun intended) … but it is the human race which has become the master of adaptation , just because of a ‘brain’ ….. even plants adapt to the environs physiologically ….but we can adapt by all means , any which way…:)

  6. Shobha says:

    Well said Amrita.
    The same thoughts occur to me when I visit my children in USA, and see the same tree in their back yard in different seasons. Nature is amazing.

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