Osama killed in “Abetabad”!

Abet-abad  alias Pakistan – the contry that continues to abet terrorism.

I wish I could rejoice at the news of the death of the world’s most wanted terrorist and feel a sense of closure and peace at the fact that finally justice has prevailed and the loss of countless lives to terrorism has been avenged.

I wish I could feel the smug “I-told-you-so” satisfaction now that India’s claim has been confirmed  that Pakistan is not just a “Terror Heaven” but the epicentre of worldwide terrorism.

I feel none of these.

The dominant feeling right now is that of bewiderment at Pakistan’s doublespeak. Osama was found hiding deep inside Pakistan and not in the impenetrable Hindu Kush mountains as the world was earlier made to believe.  Pakistan’s feigned ignorance of the hideout is a blatant lie, hard to stomach.

For quite some time now, Pakistan has been  pretending to be commited to fighting against Islamist militancy when actually it was busy providing shelter to terrorism???

I am stupified at the thought that how could Pakistan believe that it could continue this double game and get away!! It not only looses face in the international community but why is it so difficult for Pakistan to realise that it is on a path to self destruction!!!

This not only defies logic, it is totally devoid of even the basic common sense .

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9 Responses to Osama killed in “Abetabad”!

  1. Ushnish Ghosh says:

    Dear Amrita
    Very well said! I will not be surprised if US also was a party to this hiding business for last several years! They were just waiting to earn more money from their Afghan operation..I mean keep their arm industry running and give jobs to their people too. It would have been quite expensive for the US president to kill Osama during acute recession ..I closely observe US games worldwide !! Very interesting .
    Have a nice day

    • Amrita says:

      😀 @ would have been quite expensive for the US President to kill Obama during recession.

      US compulsions for a role in the war against terror is “understandable”. But it can play this game in this part of the world because Pakistan lets it play. I really wish that Pakistan would rise above its India-centric desrtuctive mind set.

  2. sangeeta says:

    I agree with Ushnish …. The US forces were staying in the region and that could have been multifarious too . A base in the heart of Asia for such a long time , how else could they justify that . Osama’s end anyways is just symbolic as he has sown the seeds and done what he wanted to .. already…

    • Amrita says:

      Yes, you are right. Osama got more than enough time to do what he wanted to do and his death now probably won’t make much of a difference to the terror scenario.
      But if after this, if the western armies withdraw from the region, that would be at least a blessing.

  3. I just feel really sorry for the people of Pakistan who have to live with a government like this. India’s government, while far from perfect, at least does not have this level of duplicity and corruption.

    Unfortunately, you in India are the neighbours of the Pakistan’s government, and it is you who will suffer any overspill when the crisis finally overwhelms that country.

    • Amrita says:

      Its not just overspills from the crisis in Pakistan that India suffers. It appears at times that Pakistan derives a greater pleasure in causing destruction and disruption in India than in doing something constructive and positive for their own selves!!!

  4. Ushnish Ghosh says:

    Actually , Pakistan is a puppet in the hands of big Brother…Just imagine , if US allows both the countries to become friends, imagine where the defense budget will be used? Development of both the countries and US will run for the Rupee then. US economy survives on petro $ , North Korea and pakistan…of course sanction against Iran is another pocket…Just see how UK and US captured the 2nd biggest oil resource of the world ..poor Iraq is just supplying free oil to foot the war bill. Wars have become very profitable indeed…

    • Amrita says:

      अमेरिका का तो सच में, पाँचों उंगलियाँ घी में और सर कढाई में है! Faning unrest in this region as well as elsewhere in the world serves not only its financial considerations but also fulfils its magalomanic ambitions of world dominance. They keep selling us arms because we keep buying! I was so surprised when I learned that Sweden doen not have a army of its own!!! Can we, even in our wildest imagination think of NOT having an armed force AT ALL??

  5. renu says:

    we are surrounded by hostile neighbours, so cant live without army. But neither I believe in Pakistan, nor in making efforts to be friendly with them…first we must deal with them and when everything calms down, then may be some day..we could be friends, but today, we must nevr trust them, they dont desreve it.

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