About Calm Pose and Posed Calm

A smart Alec once told me that many people took pills called “Calmpose”, a medicine for anxiety and insomnia, in order to sleep at night. He said that these people need not take Calmpose, if only they could just calm their pose. Then they could sleep beautifully at night and be peaceful all day.

If we are peaceful inside, humble inside and sincere inside, then nothing outside can take away our peace. So if we could calm our pose we will never need to take Calmpose.

Usually, though, we do the opposite.

We pose our calm.

We put on airs of being wise, aware, centred and peaceful.

We want others to look at us and think that that we are calm and serene.

However, inside we are steaming…our anger, greed and envy have grabbed the reins of our lives and are steering us in violent, corrupt, dishonest, and anxiety-ridden direction.

Let us, therefore, really and deeply calm our pose …instead of posing our calm!

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