If individuality is a valuable asset in the  man, then a first maxim for the teacher must be: “Respect the individuality of the pupil.” 
Each child is unique and has a special set of skills that can be developed. We know that people are all different, and although they can be “standardized” to some extent, there will always be those who just won’t fit the mould. Some children are naturally mechanical; others are naturally artistic. Some students need a cozy place to study, rather than a hard chair. Some learn better in the morning, while others need to get moving physically in the morning and have more focus in the afternoon. Kinesthetic learners can benefit from standing, walking or even bouncing a ball while they memorize, something the modern classroom does not allow at virtually any point in the day. With all of these things to consider, one wonders how a standerdised  education system can provide for all these factors. 
I would like to share with you today, a video that I found at which is “an eye-opening reflection on how we view children and how we teach children in our current education system.”
The secret of living in peace with all people lies in the art of understanding each one by his own individuality.
Friedrich Ludwig Jahn
 It is our responsibility, as parents and teachers, to help children know what their gifts are and how to nurture them.
As the child’s first teacher, parents’ job is to help the child enjoy learning. There is no doubt that family education acts a crucial role on children’s education. Parents are the most important teachers in a child’s life
 We need to support our “one of a kind” children as they find their own ways in the world.
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1 Response to ONE OF A KIND

  1. Wonderful video Amrita and you expressed it so simply that every child has it’s own ways to grow and learn . I am sharing this video for sure.

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