RIP Jagjit Singh

This is really a sad day for the music fraternity. The gazals,  refreshingly rendered by the mastreo in his lilting voice, are forever etched in my memory.  Who can blame me if I find the current music largely intolerable?! 😉 Afterall, this is the stuff I grew up with. And boy, am I glad that I did!

Passing away of Jagjit Singh is not a demise of just one person.

To me it feels like the veritablel end of the Gazal genre.

During his lifetime, he was  a head and shoulder above his contemporaries. But now I can see not a single person who is even remotely capable of carrying his baton forward.

Jagjit Ji…We’ll miss you… R.I.P





मुह  की  बात  सुने  हर  कोई, दिल  के  दर्द  को  जाने  कौन  !!
आवाजों  के  बाजारों  में  ख़ामोशी  पहचाने  कौन!!

मुह  की  बात  सुने  हर  कोई !!

सदियों  सदियों   वही  तमाशा , रस्ता  रस्ता  लम्बी  खोज  !!
लेकिन  जब  हम  मिल  जाते  हैं , खो  जाता  है  जाने  कौन !! 

आवाजों  के  बाजारों  में  ख़ामोशी  पहचाने  कौन!!
मुह  की  बात  सुने  हर  कोई  !!

वोह  मेरा  आएना  है  और  मैं  उस  की  पर्र्छई  हूँ 

मेरे  ही  घर  में  रहता  है, मुझ  जैसा  ही  जाने  कौन  !!

आवाजों  के  बाजारों  में  ख़ामोशी  पहचाने  कौन  !!
मुह  की  बात  सुने  हर  कोई  !!

किरण  किरण  अलसाता  सूरज , पलक  पलक  खुलती  नींद 
धीमे  धीमे  बिखर  रहा  है , ज़र्रा -ज़र्रा  जाने  कौन  !!

मुह  की  बात  सुने  हर  कोई, दिल  के  दर्द  को  जाने  कौन  !!
आवाजों  के  बाजारों  में  ख़ामोशी  पहचाने  कौन !!
मुह  की  बात  सुने  हर  कोई !!

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One Response to RIP Jagjit Singh

  1. Shobha says:

    His demise is a great loss to all his fans….difficult to believe that he is no more.
    I had the opportunity of meeting him and he was such a wonderful human being….no airs or pride inspite of being such a celebrity…May his soul rest in peace.

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