Life is……

…..a great teacher. 

But I have strong objections to its “Trial and Error” method of teaching. Learning from our mistakes is never easy.

Life takes it role as the Teacher so seriously that until and unless we learn our lesson, Life would not let us be. Be prepared to be exposed to the “lesson” unless you  learn it and learn it well !!!

Of course sooner or later the lesson will be learned. But with every iteration of the “trial” some errors will be made. and usually errors lead to certain consequences which are usually unpleasant 😦

My objection is that why can’t Life reveal our syllabus at the very onset rather than making us figure out for our own selves!!?? I do hope that we would have fared  as better students if we were given a bit of an opportunity to do some homework

Frankly, all these surprise tests are making me a bit tired.

Sigh !!! 


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8 Responses to Life is……

  1. Ushnish Ghosh says:

    Dear Amrita
    How are you? Could not access your posts for ages. I like the posting. Yes there is no respite from trial and error for human beings. Just see , human beings take almost 18 years to reach physical and to some extent mental maturity, many animals are dead by this age …God has created us as unique species , unparalleled. But think, if every thing happened the way we wished, smooth, trouble free…no trial and error and only right things happened…would the life have been better…! I dont think so… But I wish the life should have been smooth though! All our life we just keep doing new trials expecting a smoother life , there is no respite …why did the cave man came out of the had food, shelter, clothe etc …and built and still building cities, computers, cinema TV etc etc ..In search of unknown , in search of ” what is beyond ( the famous Brahma gyan) has driven the mankind out of cave and to this state of today and we will continue further ….( for me the journey is almost over ha ha ) Have a nice week

    • Thanks for dropping by Ushnish ji, your comments are always a delight. When we see the growing up process of a child, it is quite obvious that everything we learn is through repeated practice untill the skill is perfected. Take the example of how a child learns to walk. He would fall down innumerable times but he will continue trying again and again and again untill walking becomes effortless and so natural that as we grow older we forget how much effort we had put in to learn how to walk.
      The trouble is that as adults we develop such enlarged egos that we make such a big issue of “falling down”. Somehow, we wish to learn everything without going through the “disgrace” of falling down. Failed attempts are difficult to digest for most people. This, perhaps is the core of the problem.
      As far as the “end of the Journey” is concerned, you know this as well as I do, that the end can come to anyone at anytime. The recommended way of LIVING is thus: Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.

      • Ushnish Ghosh says:

        Dear Amrita
        Really enjoyed reading your comment. I remember , while in school ( village school) , my teacher had told “Go with an open mind and always think, the person sitting on the other side knows better than you. You will never look back in life…there is always something to learn from others and life is too short . ” Well I always remembered this , not necessarily I could follow all the time… I met the teacher last year , in a school final 1965 batch reunion. The teacher, very old now, but remembered me quite well. It was a great experience ,

    • Amrita says:

      That’s nice. Meeting your teacher and classmates after so many years….. it must have been emotionally overwhelming experience.
      I can’t find faults with you if you say that you could not follow your teacher’s advice because even if we are aware that there is a lot that we can learn from others, perhaps this is one of the most difficult thing to practice….

  2. Sometimes I feel we have forgotten dreaming and continue to die each day.

  3. inducares says:

    Ah Amrita you hope for too much.Life should reveal all the surprise tests that it has brushed up for you ?Think of it———-everything would be so easy then!

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