Why is Fast food served at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute?

The reception area of the hospital…

Burgers, pizza, cakes, sandwiches, chole bhature, pasta, chow mien, aerated drinks….all displayed attractively.

This is the place where people who are attending to or visiting the patients admitted to the premium Hearts have to languish long agonizing hours and sometimes endless days while someone from their family or friends is either in surgery or in ICU. No need to point out that these people are quite stressed out, tired and often spend sleepless nights waiting for their loved ones to recover from whatever dreaded heart ailment has befallen them

Needless to say that a food counter is very much a necessity at a hospital to cater to the needs of the attendants for clean and hygienic food. I would expect the food served at the hospital to be healthy. But all I could find available there was junk food…not a single item that could even remotely be categorized as healthy. In fact, if you wished to eat a fruit, you would have to go out of the hospital premises to the nearby market about a couple of Km away.

Doesn’t anyone see the incongruity here?

In-Patients undergoing the treatment here, of course, are provided the meals by the hospital which I would assume to be “healthy”. But the attendants and the visitors have no option except to have junk food.

It is quite difficult for me to “digest” the fact that the hospital is in fact endorsing unhealthy food in its own premises. Some of the people who opt for the home-cooked food find to their consternation that outside food is not allowed into the reception area…all in the name of hygiene. To have your food you are required to go outside to another building which houses a canteen. I am told that this canteen area is quite neat and clean and quite OK, broadly speaking. But what I find hard to palette is the subtle conditioning that is taking place here that having home-cooked food is not “hip”

If the hospital really cared for the “health”, it would expect it  make it easier, rather than difficult, for the people to eat healthy on their premises.

Why is the hospital forgoing the opportunity to educate the people about ill effects of these foods?


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  1. It’s such a joke 😦

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