I think the Facebook is really weird!

Lots of FB users are in a tizzy these days and quite justifiably so, about a change in “FB policy”

As individuals, we want complete and inviolable control over access to the content on our profiles. Status updates, photographs, comments, notes….Whatever we might be sharing on FB, we wish to decide who sees what, when and how. But these days, apparently, this can no longer be assumed on FB. I do not know the exact details of what exactly has changed, but apparently whatever we share on FB might become accessible to people who have no business peeking into our private conversations/photos/videos thanks to the privacy settings of our friends and friends of friends. You all know all about this as you too must have been inundated by the messages from friends asking you to ensure their privacy. This is not just upsetting and inconvenient, in fact, it defeats the very purpose why most of us joined Facebook.

Now apart from individual profiles, there are these “Pages” on FB.

These “Pages” might have been created for the promotion of an individual or a business or a cause or an idea. These might have been created for educational purposes and for collecting and disseminating information on whatever topic a person might be passionate about.

According to the recent updates from the Pages that I “like”, only 10% of the people who have “liked” the Page will get updates from the Page. This is quite upsetting. The Page would, obviously, want its content to be easily and conveniently accessible to the “likers” Moreover, a Page, quite naturally, would wish for its contents to reach as many people as might be interested in its contents.

The long and the short of all this is this.

Individuals who wanted privacy and restricted access, FB has gone ahead and made their content PUBLIC

And the Pages who wanted as much publicity as they could get, FB is making it inconvenient to access!!!!

Go figure!

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