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Fashion, they say, is a matter of taste

And to remove even the last shred of doubts in your mind regardng this statement,take a look at the following photographs  😀 😀 😀

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Life of Pi by Yann Martel

Finally! A book that FORCED me to write about it. Un-putdownable…..Thats how would you describe  a book that you find you can’t stop reading ,  because you cant wait to find out what happens next. Don’t you? But what about a book that … Continue reading

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My Deepest Condolences

…….to my friend Sangeeta and her husband Arvind,     who lost their beloved daughter Mithi on 31 Dec, 2009         Mithi’s jouney with you was very short. Like a butterfly, she lighted besides you. Her beauty belonged to your world. But … Continue reading

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Classic Cables Sweater

My daughter seems to have hijacked my blog. So just to remind you that even if knitting is keeping me happily busy , I am also around.    🙂    Just in case you were begining to think that I knit only for my … Continue reading

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